Friday, September 15, 2017

Trust in The Legal Doc to Prepare Your Estate Planning Documents

Estate Planning is not a priority on anyone's list.  It should be.  The Legal Doc provides the information below to better acquaint you with estate planning as to trusts.
A trust is not probated by the court as a will requires.  Also, in that regard, your information remains private and is not a matter of public record.  You remain in charge of your assets, not the court.   If you die, and leave behind minor children, a trust can be used to avoid court intervention.  Beneficiaries do not have to wait through a long court process to inherit assets and a trust is not easy to contest should anyone find fault with the administration or direction of the trust. 
 Many people, as they age, believe they should just add their children to their real property deeds as joint tenants.  This form of transfer is replete with disadvantages and if this is the vehicle you wish to transfer property upon death, then it is The Legal Doc’s recommendation that you first consult with a licensed attorney.
Here are some of the more common types of trusts:

A Revocable Trust is the most common trust.  It allows the trustee to remain in control of assets and the trust provisions.  A Revocable Trust also avoids probate and is the “Manual” upon incapacity or death. 

An Irrevocable Trust is less common, but you do not act as your own trustee and all changes or amendments must be approved by the beneficiaries. 

Special Needs Trusts are commonly used to provide income and principal for the care of mentally challenged individuals or for those who reside in a hospital facility. 

Setting up a trust can be an expensive headache and can be complex.  The Legal Doc makes it simple to avoid probate of your estate, care and/or distribute to your beneficiaries, and protect your assets in the form of a trust. 

The Legal Doc simplifies the process via use of a questionnaire and the estate package you receive is the same as the law firms sell.

Our package includes:

Trust, Medical Information Disclosure Authorization, Schedule of Assets, Statement of Wishes (optional), Pour-Over Will, Living Will, Durable General Power of Attorney, Advance Health Care Directive, Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care, Asset Transfer Information Guidelines, and optional asset transfer documents including Assignment of Certificate of Deposit, Bank Letter, Bill of Sale to Trust (General), Bill of Sale to Trust (Personal Property), Grant Deed, Preliminary Change of Ownership Report, Insurance, Securities Transfer Stocks/Bonds/Other.

The Legal Doc’s rates are affordable.  At present, we offer trust packages for couples at $350; single person $250.  Let us help you achieve peace of mind by bringing your “house” in order.

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